The qualities of a good piano teacher


Published: 04/22/2012


                   The qualities of a good piano teacher


There are many ways to find a piano teacher. Entering the keyword piano teacher in a search engine will produce an endless list of teachers.. There are also piano teacher directory sites, professional musician society sites or, a more reliable way could be to ask a friend’s teacher. There are a few qualities a piano teacher must have:
A piano teacher should have a musical background, a deep knowledge of the instrument and appropriate qualifications. If the teacher is a constantly performing  musician and has a degree in piano music,  he will be more likely to be able to share his experience and lay down a strong technical and theoretical background.
A teacher must be open minded to all musical styles and admire the piano himself.The pupil should benefit from learning a variety of music and be inspired by the teacher.
A piano teacher should constantly motivate his student and maintain a steady progress. A teacher should be aware of the relevant exam syllabus, upcoming concerts and festivals as well as encouraging the pupil to participate frequently. The pupil will gain more confidence performing in public and will become dedicated to practice.

A teacher should be patient and encouraging. Every student has a different learning pace, especially at the beginning of the learning process. A teacher’s frustration can easily discourage the pupil.It is always advisable to have a trial lesson before engaging a teacher, in order to observe whether the teacher is enthusiastic, has great charisma and an even temperament.

A piano teacher should be committed and dedicated to his work. A teacher shouldn not cancel or postpone lessons, or be late for them. He should also expect the same from the pupil. Mere attendance only  brings a lack of discipline in the learning process and stifles progress.A teacher should plan all his lessons in advance and should have a methodical learning plan for short and long term goals.A teacher should assess the student constantly and and give feedback on performance.